What is KeyPro Plus?

KeyProPlus (KPP) is a KeyWatcher administration application designed to integrate the Morse Watchman Keywatcher Illuminated product and the Morse Watchman Keywatcher Touch product under the one umbrella database. It is also designed to seamlessly integrate with popular access control platforms available in the marketplace.

KeyProPlus replaces existing KeyWatcher administration applications giving you the ability to manage all your KeyWatchers, old and new from one central location.


IT and Network Requirements

KeyProPlus is a Server / Client based application. Please refer to Diagram A on how the application may be installed


Minimum Requirements

Microsoft Operating System:

Windows 7 (SP1), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

Other Microsoft Software Requirements:

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5 (SP 1), Microsoft SQL Server Express

(2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014) (2014 version supplied with KeyProPlus Installation CD)

Minimum Hardware Specifications for Server

CPU, RAM and Hard Drive Space:

Server Attribute Site with 3 KeyWatchers Site with 10+ KeyWatchers
Processor 2 cores of Intel Xeon 6-8 cores of Intel Xeon
RAM (fast A/W access) 4 Gigabytes 6-8 Gigabytes
Storage (fast R/W access) 500 Gigabytes 500 Gigabytes

Please ask your dealer for access to be able to download the True Touch software from this site.

Minimum Hardware Specifications for Client

Client Attribute Client workstation
Processor Intel CORE-i5
RAM 4 Gigabytes
Storage 300 Gigabytes



Gallagher (Command Centre)


  • Automatically add Gallagher user information, card credentials and access group permissions to KeyPro software
  • Set cardholder access to one or multiple keys with Cardax levels
  • Instantly transmit KeyWatcher event and alarm transactions to Gallagher system
  • Accommodates anti-passback: requires removal or return of specified key before door/access permissions are given

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Johnson Controls (P2000)


  • Grant P2000 cardholders access to specified KeyWatcher keys
  • Instantly send KeyWatcher event and alarm transactions to P2000 system

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Lenel (OnGuard)

KeyWatcher Touch is now certified for use with the Lenel’s OnGuard® access control system, enabling seamless functionality between the systems.
With the integration module supplied by Morse Watchmans, end users are able to manage their KeyWatcher system configuration for access, storage and tracking of keys through Lenel OnGuard Software.


  • Easily add/modify/delete cardholders from your KeyWatcher Touch
  • Link changes in cardholder badge data to the appropriate KeyWatcher user
  • Assign KeyWatcher users to KeyWatcher sites according to their OnGuard access levels
  • Associate KeyWatcher site profiles with OnGuard access levels
  • Transmit KeyWatcher TrueTouch alarms and transactions via OnGuard alarms
  • Configure card format used with OnGuard to pass the correct badge data to the KeyWatcher TrueTouch Server
  • Utilize an anti-egress control feature that prevents the user from leaving an area when a specified asset is held, or that allows the user further access to a different area when holding the specified asset

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