Is providing the IT and Network Requirements for the KeyWatcher a Hassle?

Having dealt with the KeyWatcher product for so long and having worked with so many different verticals the one common issue that AST finds that either holds the project up or prevents it from being set up the way it should is the IT and Network requirements. Most of the time it can be a hassle to provide either the network requirements or a server for the KeyWatcher software to reside on or both! Depending on the scale of the project, these requirements can often lead to extensive delays in getting a project off the ground.

KMaaS stands for ‘Key Management as a Service’. Essentially AST can provide all of the network and IT requirements and completely manage the daily KeyWatcher database(s) for you. If you cannot provide the network requirements for a KeyWatcher we can equip unit(s) with a wireless 4G Modem and an industrial strength external Antenna which allows Telstra VPN connectivity to the Server. If you cannot supply a Server we may supply you with a Medium Instance cloud hosted server with all of the certified security from one of the largest data providers in the country.

Do want assurance that an Audit Trail on the movement on your Keys is being maintained with Consistency?

It can be common place for critical alarms and events that would typically require attention to be completely missed. To counteract this, KMaaS can collect these alarms and events in real time and distribute them to the required staff via SMS and / or Email where they can action an internal process. If the first alert isn’t actioned, an escalation process takes place till the alarm or event is actioned. Same goes for all daily/weekly/monthly reports. Automated Audit Reports on Users and / or Keys may be distributed to however many mobile phones via SMS or email address as you like.

KMaaS monitors the health of each KeyWatcher it is responsible for. AST can see if there is a hardware related fault to a system and can escalate the required services to tend to the problem before it becomes service affecting. This tends to prevent site call outs for a technician to inspect as the majority of the time the system can be fixed remotely.

Do you have someone to drive the daily or weekly management of the KeyWatcher?

One of the hardest parts of introducing an electronic key management system is having to train and educate administration staff on how to use a new program to manage access for users to keys in the KeyWatcher. For some, the administration is welcomed but for most this just introduces complexity over and above the rest of the programs and applications that the administration staff are already dealing with. Furthermore, it is common that when staff move on a proper handover doesn’t occur leaving the system vulnerable to database neglect which eventually leads to security breaches at the KeyWatcher. To prevent this, KMaaS may equip your staff with web forms which can be easily filled out daily or weekly or monthly which would manage the addition / deletion and / or modification of user’s access at the KeyWatcher(s). The web form can be customised to suit your requirements and can contain as a little as a few lines such as first name, last name and Key(s) required or it can be as detailed as you like allowing specific time(s) on when the profile should be active to and from and what time of the day the access/permission may be granted/denied.

Is reducing the daily costs to manage your Keys a Priority?

Key Benefits to KMaaS

  • Nil IT and / or Network Infrastructure Requirements. Wireless and Cloud based Solution
  • Zero security breaches due to lack of database management
  • Reliable and Consistent Audit trail supplied though SMS and / or Email distribution
  • All Data securely stored and available through automated reporting tools
  • Zero time wasted on education around Software
  • Limits Hardware Maintenance to faults only rather than user related responses

KMaaS saves time, money and hassle

KMaaS = Best Practice Key Management

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Hosted Network and Server

Do you want the KeyWatcher product but don’t have the means of supplying the IT and Network infrastructure required to support the product?

Is supplying a Server a problem? Is supplying a network data outlet a problem?

AST may host the KeyWatcher software and database on a secure cloud server. We may also equip the KeyWatcher with wireless 4G modems removing the need to supply a network data outlet for the KeyWatcher. To ensure the integrity of the data being transmitted between the KeyWatcher hardware and the KeyWatcher software AST secure the connection using a VPN host.

Please ask our team on more information on this.

Active Alarm and Event Monitoring

Do you need live status reports on your KeyWatcher?
Did you miss the first alarm and need an escalated alerting system?

AST offers a 24/7 monitoring service on the health and status of your KeyWatcher(s). All alarms and events are monitored at the KeyWatcher(s) and are sent via Email and/or SMS to the relevant staff. If the event or alarm isn’t actioned the alert will be escalated and re-sent to the relevant Email and/or SMS recipient. The alarms include all of the alarms that are generated at the KeyWatcher. These can be configured so that you only see the alarm(s) that you want each selected staff member to see.

An example of this would be the Keys in Use Alert which can monitor the status of the key whilst in possession with a staff member/contractor. If the key isn’t returned on time the staff member / contractor who has the key will receive an SMS and/or email notification and if the key hasn’t been returned with a specified time from that notification it may be escalated to the staff member / contractors supervisor and it will continue to be escalated till the key has been returned.

Please ask our team on more information on this.

Online Booking System

Do you manage a fleet of vehicles?

Are the keys to the vehicles properly managed?

Can your users book a vehicle online?

Does each vehicle get the same amount of use?

AST offers an online booking system which can book/reserve selected fleet vehicles for your users at a specific time for a specific time period all whilst the keys are securely protected in the KeyWatcher. The booking program may be accessed via the web on a PC or through an App on your IOS or Android. The booking system can manage the movement of vehicles that don’t see a lot of use and evenly distribute them around the bookings. When vehicles aren’t returned on time or when the reservation is lapsing the booking system will send a notification email and/or SMS to all the relevant parties.

Please ask our team on more information on this.

Database Management

Do you manage a large KeyWatcher database with a lot of daily changes?

AST may manage all aspects of your KeyWatcher database on your behalf alleviating the daily management from your team, hence outsourcing the responsibility. AST would equip your staff with Web forms which may be filled and emailed to a support email address and within a specified time frame the user(s) would have access to the relevant Key(s) from the relevant KeyWatcher(s). The Web From may be customised to suit your Organisations requirements.

Please ask our team on more information on this.