Whilst the KeyWatcher hardware utilises an independent database to process which user has access to which key and which keys it should restrict to specified users there is always a program that is used to administer all of this. There is also the events and alarms that take place at the hardware which generally needs to be available via a PDF or Excel type report for the end user to view and act upon accordingly. These events and alarms are then distributed through various notification channels such as Email or SMS.

There are currently three different platforms in which can be used to administer the different types of KeyWatcher and KeyBank hardware. Throughout the four generations of hardware since 1994 the software has seen many modifications and has had to adapt to maintain and support the many changes that Microsoft undergo with their supporting products such as .NET Framework and Message Queuing and SQL Server and many others.

The Software is also a channel to interface with third party products such as Access Control platforms, Online Vehicle Booking Systems and Contractor Management Terminals.

The diagram below breaks down the different platforms and the functionality available with each.

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KeyPro III

KeyPro III is an Access or SQL Client Based application which is used to administer the KeyBank Illuminated and KeyWatcher Illuminated product range. KeyPro III is provided FREE of charge with the purchase of a KeyBank Illuminated or KeyWatcher Illuminated System and there are NO ongoing licensing fees or costs.

True Touch

True Touch is an SQL Client / Server Based application which is used to administer the KeyBank Touch and KeyWatcher Touch product range. True Touch is provided FREE of charge with the purchase of a KeyBank Touch or KeyWatcher Touch System and there are no ongoing fees or costs.


What is KeyPro Plus?

KeyProPlus (KPP) is a KeyWatcher administration application designed to integrate the Morse Watchman Keywatcher Illuminated product and the Morse Watchman Keywatcher Touch product under the one umbrella database. It is also designed to seamlessly integrate with popular access control platforms available in the marketplace.

KeyProPlus replaces existing KeyWatcher administration applications giving you the ability to manage all your KeyWatchers, old and new from one central location.