Whilst the KeyWatcher and KeyBank products allow for the prevention of access to keys and provide an audit trail on the movement of keys it’s important to start with the fundamental basics for securing your Assets which can include your physical Keys and plastic Access Control & Fleet cards. It can be common place for most organisations to place their important assets on a split ring which offers zero protection around theft. Assets may simply be peeled off the ring and removed off site or used at another time. It can be difficult to notice a missing key amongst a bunch of 10+ keys.

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Morse Watchman KeyRings

Tamper Proof Key Rings

Before you compare key rings, think about what happens when you need to replace a key.

Only Morse Watchmans manufactures KeyRings™ that incorporate ease-of-use, a tamper-proof locking mechanism and unique identification system while offering you the flexibility to add or remove keys without destroying the more expensive ring.

With other locking key rings, you would have to cut through the stainless steel and replace the entire ring. Morse Watchmans’ Replaceable Hub Technology allows you to re-use the tamper proof key ring and replace the hub at a fraction of the cost. Simple to use and easy to re-use, yet adds security and value. Each hub is stamped with a unique serial number to help detect and prevent tampering.

Replaceable HUB Technology

Your cost-effective secure key ring solution. It’s the only key ring on the market that easily allows you to reuse your key ring without cutting it apart. Just attach a new HUB and click it. No crimping tools required!

The perfect combination with our renowned KeyBank® or KeyWatcher® Key Management Systems.

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SmartKey Vice

The SmartKey Vice is the all round tool that can be used to administer all aspects of both the Morse Watchman KeyRing Hub system and the SmartKeys used at the KeyWatcher and KeyBank product. The SmartKey Vice can seal and secure the SmartKey as well as make it ready for a replacement U-Ring. This tool can also seal and break the KeyRing Hub as well as stretch it out to allow easy enrolment of Assets (keys).

Brass Numbered Discs

The Brass Numbered Disc is essentially used to identify a Key Set Number. The discs are made of Brass and are very resilient to wear as the numbering has been pressed and inked into the brass rather than etched.

Sealed Type KeyRing

The Sealed KeyRing are ideal for those wanting to be able to move the attached keys right around the ring freely. The Unique Serial Number for audit trail purposes is etched in to the stainless steel. A set of three tools are required to close, crimp and seal the KeyRing.

Luckyline KeyRings

The Luckyline product range offers a kevlar / steel wrapped Ring with a nylon coating. Sizes vary and they can be crimped so as to prevent keys being peeled off. Easy to seal and easy to cut when replacing keys is required. Ideal as replacements for the standard split ring.

Serialised Padlock Seals

The Serialised Padlock Seal are the cheapest alternative to using Split Rings and are available in three popular colours – Red, Blue and Green. The body is a Polypropylene with a UV Inhibitor plastic and the wire is a galvanised hasp. Available in packets of 50. Each unit has its own unique seven digit Serial Number

Plastric Card Holders

The Rigid Card Holder can be used to securely store and lockdown your Access Control Card or Fuel Card. Really only ideal for ‘Prox’ type cards as once these are sealed they require a special key/tool to remove them. Used in an environment when you want to ensure that you get back the card that you have issued. Any attempt to remove the card without the Special key/tool will show evident damage.


Every detail of this heavy duty retractable key holder was built for rugged use and hard work. The extra durable polycarbonate case is impact resistant, and the tough Kevlar cord has been tested to over one million pulls, guaranteed to outlast any other retractable key holders on the market. The patented locking mechanism on the SUPER48 Key Holder will ensure your keys, tools, and other items stay right at your hip without dropping to the ground.