Asset Tracker is an all in one solution created to solve asset management problems for your organisation. Be it administrative offices tracking documents, Real Estate Agents tracking Keys to client owned premises, Clubs tracking fixed Assets such as Furniture and fittings through to Security, Educational and Health Organisations tracking equipment and information.

Asset Tracker utilises simple bar-coding technology to streamline the process of tracking and tracing assets and make it as reliable and accurate as possible. By using Barcodes, combined with Datalogic Scanning devices, asset tracking is made as simple and as quick as possible and is easy to use even for the most in-experienced of users.

Assets can include the following

  • Keys
  • Documents
  • Furniture
  • Tools
  • Safety Equipment
  • Computers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Just about anything that a barcode sticker can be adhered to

Compared to other products in the market the Asset Tracker Basic Start-up Package is a cheap entry level product. Priced at under AUD$2K ex GST Asset Tracker will provide you with 95% of the functionality that some of the more sophisticated and more expensive products will offer. There are no ongoing costs associated with the product and licensing is based purely on client machines that will require the software installed. If the upfront capital poses a problem we do offer lease back arrangements over 60 month terms. Please ask for more information.

How does it all work?

  • Asset Tracker provides you with the knowledge of your asset whereabouts at your fingertips allowing you to see what your assets are, where they currently are and where they have been.
  • Assets can be easily scanned in or out, placed against a current custodian on a temporary or permanent assignment to a contact and a location.
  • The Asset Tracker program allows you to produce reports to show who currently has which asset(s) or which asset(s) are in a particular location.
  • Asset Tackers Database keeps a history of each movement of the asset showing when it was created, and all of the times it was checked in or out and when it was last audited
  • A Mobile Scanner (Datalogic Memor) can be used with the system to audit assets in locations away from the central database. The Asset list may be uploaded to the Mobile Scanner, then taken off site to a location where all the assets may be scanned. Asset Tracker will indicate if the asset is in the wrong location and reports may be produced to show what should have been in that location but not found. Assets may be created and managed using the Mobile Scanner which can then be downloaded to a charging terminal base station back at the PC