We installed our first KeyWatcher in 2006 and now have eight units. Their uses are many and varied with access by different staff, as well contractors, and tenants of our heritage buildings.

The KeyWatcher system allows us to keep track of keys that are frequently used by a large number of people and this has meant a reduction in the number of keys in circulation.

We’ve found the reporting functionality to be a feature we are very pleased with. It allows very quick access to relevant information, in terms of who has taken keys out and returned keys from the system and at what time. The system also allows us to quickly identify individuals that have keys out longer than allowed.

KeyWatcher is fantastic. Whether it is a complex or trivial issue, AST have always provided us with their expertise in a professional and efficient manner to resolve any problems we had. With regards the product, we think that it does everying that we need it to do and cannot think of any improvement it needs. We’ve found both hardware and software to be robust and reliable.

Mark CreaganAdministrative Officer, Facilities Management Services University of New England

Since installation and commissioning about two years ago, about 90% of our staff at Wests use our KeyWatcher. From a manual checking system, we’ve upgraded to a more modern and more efficient way of managing our keys, with the KeyWatcher.

We’re very happy with the efficiency and accuracy of the key logs and have found our overall experience with KeyWatcher to be just great. We are also very happy with the customer service provided by AST.

Kacy LeeSenior Gaming AnalystWests Ashfield

Our KeyWatchers are used by security, cleaners, the front desk, maintenance staff and contractors. We have 20 KeyWatchers spread across multiple campuses.

From a manual key issuing system we have found the need for greater and more efficient key management. We went for KeyWatcher, bearing in mind the system design, the reputation of the supplier, AST, as well as the affordability of the product.

We’ve been using KeyWatcher since 2010 and have found that this has reduced errors and loss of keys tremendously. We also now have better tracking and monitoring of keys. Automated key issuance is also another great benefit we’ve found using KeyWatcher.

Overall, we’ve found our experience to be excellent and are only too happy to recommend KeyWatcher to potential users looking for a good key management system.

Kalyana CherurkuriFacilities Management DivisionUniversity of Wollongong