Securing Larger Objects Is Made Easy With New SmartKey Locker Systems

Controlling and tracking larger objects need not be hit or miss. Now available from us, at Australian Security Technology Pty Ltd (ASTPL), SmartKey Locker systems is ideal for securing, controlling and tracking larger objects like laptop computers, cash trays, handheld radios, weapons and so on.

SmartKey Locker systems are customisable and scalable for use as storage space for one or multiple users. What makes these systems unique is the ability to connect with and operate interactively with a user’s existing business systems. Different size lockers are available, including ones with perforated doors to allow heat diffusion of electronic equipment like PC laptops.

Integration with some access control systems, for instance allows for easier user management. Further, this capability allows the system to deny a user who has taken an object from a SmartKey locker egress from the facility, until the object is returned. The system provides an automatic email alert to user specified personnel, if an item has not been returned.

SmartKey Locker systems have a built-in communications port for direct connectivity to the network or connectivity across the internet.

System scalability allows the expansion of a SmartKey Locker system, as user needs grow. From a single cabinet, the system can take on multiple cabinets, with each additional unit controlled by a single console and monitored by Key-Pro software. The SmartKey Locker can also be added to an existing KeyWatcher.

KeyPro allows the user to place permission levels for each user code and to monitor data from any desktop connected to the system. KeyPro software generates practical management reports, which trace key movements by time, date and user code. An audit trail report indicates the time and date of every key accessed by a user for a given time parameter.

Real time transaction polling means all SmartKey data is automatically downloaded to specified computers in real time.

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