AssetTracker™ – Mobile Package

AssetTracker™ is an all-in-one solution designed to solve asset management problems for you. Be it Administrative Offices tracking documents, Real Estate Offices tracking keys, Clubs tracking fixed assets such as furniture and fittings through to Security, Educational and Health Organizations tracking equipment and information.

Designed and developed in Australia, AssetTracker utilises barcoding technology to streamline the tracking process and make it as reliable and accurate as possible. By using Barcodes, combined with the Datalogic scanning units, asset tracking is made as simple and quick as possible, and what’s more, it’s easy to use for even the most inexperienced of users.

PRICE: $2,999.00 ex GST


* For additional prices see Additional Information below


The AssetTracker™ – Mobile Package includes:

One Datalogic Memor Mobile Scanner with USB Docking Station


One PC User License

Roll of 1000 Permanent Self Adhesive Barcode Labels (numbered at bottom). 35mm x 15mm. Standard Polyester Film (without Gloss Laminate). Customised Black and White Artwork supplied (on top of barcode)

Additional Information

Additional PC User Licenses – $495.00 ex GST each

Additional Rolls of 1000 Barcodes (placed at the time of order) – $230.00 ex GST per roll

Upgrade Barcode Labels with Gloss Laminate – Add $200.00 ex GST

Additional Datalogic Memor Mobile Scanner – Add $1,899.00 ex GST