KeyShield tracks keys and prevents removal from designated area

It’s been a pretty exciting start to 2017. In our last blog post, we introduced our new Integration Partner, ICT—which allows users of ICT Protege GX to connect seamlessly with our KeyWatcher Touch. And, in the excitement of this and other activities of early 2017, we forgot to mention the official release of a home-grown product, KeyShield.

Let’s face it, our mainstay and lead-in product is KeyWatcher, one for which we are well known for in the industry. This product changed the key management and security landscape when first introduced in 1993. And, it continues to lead the market in this segment.

Two components that make up KeyShield : fob, with keys attached; scanner which communicates to the fob.

Two components that make up KeyShield : fob, with keys attached; scanner which communicates to the fob.

The KeyWatcher product allows the user to control the issuing of keys and lets the user know which employee or contractor has what key at any given time, with alarms as to when keys have not been returned and so on. However, sometimes user requirements include actual tracking of keys and even preventing their unauthorised removal from a particular site. So, to protect physical loss of keys, and prevent unauthorised removal, we now offer you, KeyShield.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, this complementary product to KeyWatcher uses high end wireless technology to track key locations and prevent their removal from site. KeyShield uses leading edge communication protocols which is more stable and more reliable than conventional RFID communication.

KeyShield is able to track key movements and overlay key location and movement in a physical space. The user can actually watch key movements in real time. And, most importantly, the user can prevent removal from a site, with the ability to lock exit doors or raise alarms when said keys are being taken out of a particular proscribed location.

KeyShield uses a field scanner and key tag (fob) as physical parts of the system. KeyShield can be augmented by using more than one field scanner.

And, where key tracking in a particular site/area, KeyShield is paramount. This new product is ideal for use in security-centric applications like Casino and Gaming use, Prisons and so on.

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