Mercedes Benz Dealership Looks to Keybank Touch To Secure Their Keys


Let’s face it, first impressions count a lot. And, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. And, at Mercedes-Benz in Alexandria, NSW, management makes every effort to ensure the first impression is a good one. From the luxurious showroom to the state of the art service bays, every detail throughout the three-story dealership is optimized for customer satisfaction in keeping with the brand identity.

Mercedes Benz dealership uses KeyBankTouch to protect its keys

Managing and securing keys in a car dealership is pretty complicated. This Mercedes benz dealership uses KeyBank Touch to simplify this effort.

To safeguard this quality and level of service, management relies on a number of technology innovations including the Morse Watchmans KeyBank Touch key management system. The system features aesthetically attractive cabinets that are used for storing and tracking vehicle keys. They are located throughout the facility and are connected on the internal network. Every time a key cabinet is accessed to remove or return a vehicle key, the activity is automatically recorded including the name of the individual and the time and date of the activity. Only authorised users can access the cabinets and they can only take keys they have been pre-programmed to access.

“Key control is vital in an automobile dealership and our KeyBank Touch system more than meets our needs,” said Keith McArdle, General Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz Sydney. “From its ease of use to the money saved in eliminating lost keys, it hits on all cylinders.”

KeyBank Touch cabinets for keys belonging to new and used car are located in the showroom and service department, while high volume KeyBank cabinets are installed in the warehouse and storage center. Keys are logged into the system upon vehicle arrival at the dealership and are then attached to a locking device with a unique identification chip and secured in the key cabinet.  As the vehicle is moved about the facility, the system of its location and, at all times, management knows the location of every key registered in the system, who has which keys out and when they are to be returned. They can check the information in real time on their PC as well as receiving an email alert when a specific key – such as one for a high value automobile – has been accessed or returned.

Management can quickly audit the status or history of any vehicle and custom reports provide insight into model popularity, employee performance and vehicle use. Key usage information can also be analyzed for sales and marketing effectiveness, further adding to its operational value. Sales staff can reserve a demo car with the system or, with the KeyFind feature, quickly check to see which automobiles are in and available for a demonstration or sale. A group release function lets management sequentially distribute keys for demo vehicles so they get equal use.

“Convenience and feature-rich capabilities are paramount to the success of KeyBank Touch at the dealership,” notes Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “Together they increase the security and efficiency of the organization.”

We, at Australian Security Techonology Pty Ltd (ASTPL) are proud to offer Morse Watchmans products to the Australian market, as official sole distributors of their products, which includes the supply and installation of the KeyBank Touch systems used by Mercedez Benz at their Alexandria dealership.

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