Improved KeyWatcher From AST Simplifies Key Storage And Control

To many individuals involved in security, managing and securing keys in any facility, building or institution requires the employment of a person to issue and secure keys. KeyWatcher® systems from Australian Security Technology (AST) provide a highly secure means of controlling the issue of keys to staff, without the need for personnel to issue keys.

These systems can hold keys of almost any size, including Folger Adams keys. KeyWatcher works as single key management system or can be configured with multiple cabinets to hold hundreds of keys. The cabinets can be customised with KeyWatcher lockers and credit card holders.

The system is built into a rugged, yet functional steel cabinet—with highly illuminated key slots, and unique design that makes it easier to locate keys and maximise wall space. The cabinet’s design easily blends into modern office environments, whilst the key management system seamlessly controls and monitors the keys.

Features include illuminated key slots for easy visibility, interface with various access control devices and locking locations for increased security. A random key return feature allows the user to return any key to any slot, doing away with the confusion and worry of misplaced keys.

KeyWatcher can be expanded to hold up to 2000 keys, with a unique user code and PIN for each key. The system allows the user to appoint one of five levels of access for each staff member and can be expanded through the interface with a variety of access control devices.

An alarm is set off through a tamper-proof mechanism for events like invalid user code entered three consecutive times, door left open for more than 10 seconds after use and key missing or not returned on time. Other such events include power failure or key returned by wrong user, forcing open of cabinet doors or forceful removal of a Smart Key.

The alarm sound can be wired throughout the facility, using optional alarm relay outputs. Alarms can also be transmitted via SMS or email, if required.

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