Blacktown City Council relies on KeyWatcher Touch to control its keys

Blacktown City Council is nestled in the heart of the bustling Western Suburbs of Sydney and consists of 48 residential suburbs and is home to 340,000 people making it the second largest city by population in NSW. The council is home to some famous attractions such as Featherdale Wildlife Park, the Blacktown International Sport Park which was used during the 2000 Olympics and a huge Aquatic and Tennis Centre

KeyWatcher units holding keys for Blacktown City Council

A row of KeyWatcher cabinets located at one of Blacktown City Councils offices.

With the responsibility of managing so many people comes the responsibility for managing a lot of utilities, plant and property. The Councils main works depot situated at Rooty Hill houses a multitude of various work machinery and vehicles which is used daily by hundreds of council workers to provide the support that these utilities and properties require.

Managing so many staff and so many vehicles can pose a problem of not knowing were specific keys are at any given time throughout a business day. With the introduction of the KeyWatcher Touch product the Council now has no problem allocating where a key is. In fact, the KeyWatcher can advise which cabinet the key is in or if it’s out and about it can advise who had last signed it out. This essentially allows for a complete audit tail on the movement of every key on site.

Blacktown City Council control keys via a PC

Interface with the KeyWatcher system is easy via a PC or laptop. Screenshot at Blacktown City Council.

The KeyWatcher Touch may also restrict access to certain vehicles or facilities keys to specific staff. Without the appropriate credentials a council staff member may only acquire access to the keys that he or she has been entitled to. This has allowed better control of keys restricting access to users who shouldn’t have access to certain plant / machinery.

The management of the KeyWatcher Touch product is all performed through a high level interface with the sites ‘Integriti’ access control platform supplied by Inner Range. All access to who can have which keys is assigned through the Integriti User Interface. All alarms and events that occur at the KeyWatcher Touch are sent back to the ‘Integriti’ User Interface through a TCP/IP connection.

There are multiple KeyWatchers at the works depot and each one belongs to a different department where they are all either managed centrally or managed by the department managers. Users use their staff swipe card to identify themselves at the KeyWatcher and in some cases a four-six digit PIN is required over and above for added security.

In short, the efficiency of key management has been delivered through using the KeyWatcher Touch product.