True Touch is an SQL Client / Server Based application which is used to administer the KeyBank Touch and KeyWatcher Touch product range. True Touch is provided FREE of charge with the purchase of a KeyBank Touch or KeyWatcher Touch System.

True Touch is best used in circumstances where there are multiple KeyWatchers that require administration.


KeyWatcher TrueTouch Key Control Software

KeyWatcher TrueTouch key management software comprises the KeyWatcher TrueTouch client interface and the KeyWatcher Server for enhanced administration and control of the KeyWatcher Touch system.

Features include:

  • New access control-style interface.
  • Auto-sync for automatic updates of KeyWatcher systems as changes are made.
  • New “Profiles” feature for quicker, easier programming of users.
  • Profiles to quickly assign users key and group permissions, access level, and many other settings.
  • New, easier to read reports utilize color and include more information.

KeyWatcher TrueTouch client interface is designed to run all programming, remote functions and reports for up to 10 KeyWatcher Touch locations. Add users from a global list and all specific settings (added or modified) will be automatically synchronized across the system. Quick profiles can be assigned for improved user control. Administrative access levels are designed to allow reports only or alarms only in addition to the five system administration levels.

Generate TrueTouch reports in landscape or portrait format with color interspaced lines for easy reading. Automated/scheduled reports will be available soon as well.

The KeyWatcher TrueTouch Server is designed for installation on a dedicated computer and can be connected to a KeyWatcher via a network connection or a USB. The server is the main interface for the client software and performs all synchronizations of transactions as well as maintaining the SQL database. Both access control systems and customized client control software interface with the server application.

It’s all done with the express intent of addressing your specific security needs with the most cost-effective, end-to-end solutions. Contact Morse Watchmans today and find the solution to all your security management needs.

KeyWatcher Requirements

The True Touch Software may only be used with the following KeyWatcher and KeyBank models.

  • KeyWatcher Touch
  • KeyBank Touch
  • Smartkey Locker System (Touch Screen version)

True Touch is not compatible with KeyWatcher I, KeyWatcher II or KeyWatcher III LED or Illuminated products.

IT and Network Requirements

True Touch is a Server / Client based application which may be installed on up to ten client workstations. Please refer to Diagram A on how the application may be installed



Minimum Requirements

Microsoft Operating System:

Windows 7 (SP1), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

Other Microsoft Software Requirements:

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5 (SP 1), Microsoft Queuing, Microsoft SQL Server Express

(2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014) (2005 version supplied with True Touch Installation CD)

Minimum Hardware Specifications for Server

CPU, RAM and Hard Drive Space:


Please ask your dealer for access to be able to download the True Touch software from this site.

Minimum Hardware Specifications for Client


Licensing Model

There are NO ongoing costs associated with True Touch. There are NO Licensing requirements for True Touch



OnGuard Integration

KeyWatcher Touch is now certified for use with the Lenel’s OnGuard® access control system, enabling seamless functionality between the systems. With the integration module supplied by Morse Watchmans, end users are able to manage their KeyWatcher system configuration for access, storage and tracking of keys through Lenel OnGuard Software.


  • Easily add/modify/delete cardholders from your KeyWatcher Touch
  • Link changes in cardholder badge data to the appropriate KeyWatcher user
  • Assign KeyWatcher users to KeyWatcher sites according to their OnGuard access levels
  • Associate KeyWatcher site profiles with OnGuard access levels
  • Transmit KeyWatcher TrueTouch alarms and transactions via OnGuard alarms
  • Configure card format used with OnGuard to pass the correct badge data to the KeyWatcher TrueTouch Server
  • Utilize an anti-egress control feature that prevents the user from leaving an area when a specified asset is held, or that allows the user further access to a different area when holding the specified asset

Third Party Integrations

Morse Watchmans’ TrueTouch SDK offers a powerful way to further customize KeyWatcher Touch for your facility’s needs.Integriti-logo-300x78

Inner Range Integriti Integration

Having the ability to interface the Keywatcher to an Access Control platform allows for all daily management of the KeyWatcher(s) through the ‘the Access Control platform instead of having to refer to a ‘key cabinet specific’ application for database changes and reports.


  • Add/modify/delete personnel from your KeyWatcher
  • Link changes in personnel credential data to the appropriate KeyWatcher user
  • Assign KeyWatcher users to KeyWatchers according to their Integritti clearances
  • Associate KeyWatcher profiles or user groups with Integrity clearances
  • Transmit KeyWatcher alarms and events via Integrity alarms
  • Configure credential format used with Integritti to pass credential data to the KeyWatcher Server
  • Assign time restriction to groups in profiles based on Integritti schedules
  • Configure card format used with Integritti to pass the correct badge data to the KeyWatcher Server
  • Utilise an anti-egress control feature that prevents the user from leaving an area when a specified asset is held, or that allows the user further access to a different area when holding the specified asset

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