Keys with KeyShield tag/fob
Key Shield is ideal for:
  • Prisons
  • Secure areas
  • Airports
  • Schools and institutes of learning
  • Hospitals
  • Casinos
  • Gaming rooms
  • Bars and restaurants


Our mainstay product, KeyWatcher allows you to track keys by noting their issue. Who got what key/s? When it/these were taken? Returned? Overdue? And, so on.

However, what if you wanted the keys to used only in a designated area and not to leave that area. There’s no way really one can do this, right? Well, now with KeyShield, a great complement to KeyWatcher, you can track key locations (as they are moved around) and more importantly, prevent their unauthorised removal from a desired or designated site.

KeyShield allows you to monitor the real time location of keys, after they have left the locker. Using advanced wireless technology, KeyShield provides a clear audit trail of key locations and prevents them for leaving restricted areas.

KeyShield uses tamper-proof fobs, alarming and door locking capability to ensure that keys are safe from the time these are taken to the time they are returned, within the designated site/area.


The components of the KeyShield system are:

  • KeyShield Registration Unit
  • KeyShield Scanner
  • KeyShield Fobs
Scanner PCB
Keys Fob

Developed and manufactured in Australia, KeyShield uses proprietary software that interfaces with the hardware mentioned above.

The system is designed to integrate to onsite security, BMS (building management systems) or cloud-based monitoring systems.

Multiple deployment options

KeyShield is available in the following deployment options:

Basic – single field scanner and registration unit directly connected to one another. The field scanner unit is mounted on a wall at a restricted exit point.

Wireless Mesh – multiple scanner boxes mesh and communicate across a wireless TCP / IP network synchronising data continuously.

Hard Wired – multiple scanner boxes connected via Ethernet back to TCP / IP switches for higher security environments.

For a copy of our KeyShield brochure, click here. For a print resolution copy please contact us.

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