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AssetTracker™ is an all-in-one solution designed to solve asset management problems for you. Be it Administrative Offices tracking documents, Real Estate Offices tracking keys, Clubs tracking fixed assets such as furniture and fittings through to Security, Educational and Health Organizations tracking equipment and information.

Designed and developed in Australia, AssetTracker utilises barcoding technology to streamline the tracking process and make it as reliable and accurate as possible. By using Barcodes, combined with the Datalogic scanning units, asset tracking is made as simple and quick as possible, and what’s more, it’s easy to use for even the most inexperienced of users.

Hardware Required

Asset Tracker Systems

Desktop Barcode Scanner


Cordless Barcode Scanner


Mobile Scanner


Three configurations are available, with a basic model and plus package. These are:

  • Desktop If you can bring your assets to a desk for barcode reading, and don’t have to take the reader out of the office to the assets, then our AT-CP-01 Desktop package is for you.
    The package includes AssetTracker software and a desktop barcode reader.
  • Desktop Plus The AT-CP-01 Desktop Plus package is the same as the Desktop package above except that this contains a barcode label printer, instead of a bag of printer labels. The advantage is that you would be able to print your own customised labels.

    The package includes AssetTracker software, desktop barcode reader, and a thermal 104 mm label printer.

  • MobileIf you can’t bring your assets to the barcode reader and must take the reader to the assets, then our ATCP-03 Mobile package is what you need.

    The package includes AssetTracker software and mobile barcode reader.

  • Mobile Plus The AT-CP-04 Mobile Plus package is the same as the Mobile package above except that this contains a barcode label printer, instead of a bag of labels.

    The package includes AssetTracker software, a desktop barcode reader, and a thermal 104 mm label printer.

  • Cordless Our At-CP-05 Cordless package is a compromise for people who would like something inbetween an immobile desktop reader and a mobile reader. The cordless reader can be used up to 30 metres away from its cradle.
  • Cordless Plus The AT-CP-06 Cordless package is the same as the Cordless package above, except that this contains a barcode label printer instead of a bag of labels. The advantage of this is that you would be able to print your own customised labels.

    The package includes AssetTracker software and a desktop barcode reader.

Asset Tracker Hardware

  • Scanners

    AssetTracker scanners are the Datalogic Memor and the Heron D130 USB corded scanner.
    The Datalogic Memor uses state-of-the art mobile technology, combined with the best in barcode scanning. Feature-packed, this unit allows the user unparalleled portability. Features include :

  • Windows CE Interface
  • Touch Screen for ease of use
  • Sharp and bright QVGA color graphic display
  • Ergonomic, compact and robust
  • 64mb of Memory

    With the Touch Screen Color Windows interface, and ergonomic design, Datalogic Memor is the most user-friendly and accessible unit available.
    The Heron D130 USB corded scanner is a lightweight, ergonomic handheld unit. Designed for ease of use and reliability, the unit also comes with a stand and “green spot” intuitive scanning, for superior accuracy.
    An uncorded model is also available.

  • Drivers Licence/Card Reader

    A time saving device that’s ideal if you have many users in your database, or whose users are changing continuously. Our AT-LR-01 is great for this.
    The reader will save you the trouble of having to type in names and personal data of every individual. This makes the reader ideal for use in facilities like worksites, where there are many contractors that need to take and return equipment, car yards, where cars are released to a number of people and so on.
    All one has to do is pass the drivers licence or business card or other identity card of each person through the reader. All the information would then be uploaded automatically.

  • Barcode Label Printer

    Our thermal label printer (AT-TP-01) has a print areas of 104 mm x 279 mm (H x W). Resolution is 8 dots per millimetre, which is ideal for our readers of the printed barcode.





Thermal Printer (Model GC420T)


Plastic Key Tags (customised artwork available)


Standard Polyester Film Barcodes


KeyRing with Barcode (solid)


  • Key Rings ATamper-proof key rings feature a case to hold the barcode. These are available with either a solid steel shackle or a wire cable ring. Both types have a tough plastic body.

    We can also supply a range of key ring tags with printed barcodes.

  • Plastic Barcode Labels These can be supply in polyester (AT-BLL-01) for medium to heavy duty indoor applications. These feature a laminated protectice layer, with strong adhesive pads. These are available in 35 and 15 mm sizes.
  • Aluminium Barcode Labels These are available in two types: anodised and foil aluminium. Both are weather proof. The anodised label is ideal for round metal surfaces, to which they can be glued or riveted. The foil labels are for use with flat surfaces. These have the advantage of being tamper evident, as they fracture when an attempt is made to remove them.

Licensing Model

There are no ongoing costs associated with maintaining the Asset Tracker application. A One Time License is required for each client machine the software needs to be installed on. Discounts are available when purchasing more than ten client licenses. Once Asset Tracker has been installed a 30 day trial is provided which will provide complete functionality. To continue using the product past the 30 day trial a license will need to be purchased. The software generates site specific codes which would need to be emailed to your supplier so as an Activation Code may be supplied.

IT Requirements

Minimum Version Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7

Microsoft Access

If running multiple clients of Asset Tracker a shared folder will need to be available so as to hold a common database directory

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